It may not matter if the biological parent is on the birth certificate or not, if paternity can be proven, the biological parent must still relinquish parental rights before the adoption process can move forward.

Because step-parent adoption has the potential to be a very sensitive situation, a qualified Knoxville adoption lawyer should be hired to ensure your rights are maintained. Tennessee courts generally require couples to be married for 6 months to a year before they will grant step-parent adoption privileges. However, in same cases this can be overcome. Call us at Herston Roskind, PLC for a free consultation on stepparent adoption law.

Adoption Law for Foster Parents

There can be no adoption without the complete relinquishing of the parent’s rights. This means that foster parents cannot adopt the child in their care until that child’s parents sign a document that severs all legal ties to the child. Many foster parents find themselves in heartbreaking situations, as they bond with their the children in their care and wish to take the next step to adoption, only to find out that the child has unfit parents who are not willing to relinquish rights to the child.

Herston Roskind, PLC understands the ins and outs of adoption law as it relates to foster parents, and can communicate with both the court system and the legal guardians of your child to reach a decision that is in the best interests of the foster child.

Waiting Periods

Parties that wish to proceed with adoption should realize that various waiting periods are instituted by the courts, in which time a home study, an interview process and background checks will be performed. A Knoxville adoption lawyer can brief you on the various waiting times necessary in different adoptive scenarios and can inform you of the special situations, such as relative adoption, in which the waiting period can be waived.

Andrew Roskind understands what it's like to go through the adoption process both as a lawyer and as a prospective father. Call him today for a free consultation about your case.
The intricacies of adoption law are not for the faint of heart and the Knoxville adoption lawyers at Herston Roskind, PLC have helped to guide others like you through the adoption process.

Whether you are looking to adopt, interested in relinquishing your parental rights, or are an adopted individual seeking out information on your birth parents, having a lawyer in your corner can be the difference between success and an endless holding pattern.

Step-Parent Adoption Law

Sometimes in the case of divorce and remarriage, a step-parent may become interested in adopting the children that were born out of a previous marriage. This is allowable by the state of Tennessee, as long as the biological parent is willing to relinquish all legal rights to the child.
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